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Golden Prince Company is a result of the longstanding and time-tested relationship between Russia and India. This Company has been incorporated as a joint equity stake holders by both Russian and Indian counterpart.

Golden Prince Import Export Pvt. Ltd is a International Trade Company registered in India. The company is engaged in the activities of import and export of commodities in India and international markets.


Indian Pulses

Indian Essential Oils

Indian Fruits

Indian Coffee

Indian Garments Plant

Indian Spices

Indian Home Furnushing Items

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Company managements= have rich experience, knowhow and expertise. Company has an cutting edge over others by its credibility, consistency, timely supply , association with leading suppliers and buyers ,Global reach & Storage logistics facilities.

Golden Prince Import Export Pvt. Ltd is located in the capital city New Delhi of India. The company name represents the nature , its connectivity with Rice Growing areas in India , Tea Gardens , Spices Gardens , Pulses farms etc. We as an organization value our ecosystem, emphasis on Organic products and purity is our key.

We export multiple products under the categories of Indian Basmati and Non Basmati Rice , Indian Tea , Indian Spices, Essential Oils , Indian Pulses and Indian Garments and Home furnishing items

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